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ASN.1 Development Tools  v.1.0

The ASN.1 Development Tools(ADT) is a suit of Eclipse plugins which allow editing, syntax checking of ASN.1 files. Contribution to the asnCompiler extension point can automatically generate C/C++/Java/other language code from ASN.1

GBA Java Development Tools  v.rc

Set of development tools for the Nintendo GameBoy Advance written in Java for maximum flexibility and

Interix development tools  v.1.0

A collection of development tools and build environments for Interix using the Microsoft compiler. Aims to facilitate interaction between Visual Studio, Microsoft build and GNU tools. Ex Visual Studio Addins, shell scripts, makefiles and library

Ja.NET - Java Development Tools for .NET  v.1.0

The Ja.NET project provides open source Java development tools (e.g. Java 5 JDK ) and runtimes for .NET. With the help of Ja.NET's open source software, you can leverage your Java investments on

ODT: OCaml Development Tools  v.2.2

The ODT (OCaml Development Tools) project aims to be like the JDT (Java Development Tools) eclipse plugins. It provides IDE features for OCaml application developments. See more on (tutorial, installation notes and

VBulletin Development Tools  v.1.0

Various development tools for working on the vBulletin

Imlac Maze War and Development Tools  v.1.0

A recreation of Mazewar, as it originally ran on an Imlac PDS-1 in the mid-1970's, and some Imlac cross-development tools.This consists of a client program, written in C++, which runs on Windows/XP (at least), and a server program, written in Java.

Development tools  v.1.0

"development tools" is a collection of tools that should be used to simplify development process.

Build Development Tools  v.1.0

The BDT (Build Development Tools) Project is working towards providing a fully functional Build Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Eclipse platform.

Pascal-FC Development Tools  v.1.0

Pascal-FC Development Tools (PFCDT) is an Eclipse based integrated development environment for the Pascal-FC language.

Globus Service Development Tools  v.1.0

The Globus Service Development Tools (GSDT) is a set of Eclipse plugins for developing custom services for Globus Toolkit 4.

InTml Development Tools  v.0.1

InTml is a language and tools for Virtual and Mixed Reality development. It adds a component-based, reusable architecture to MR apps on top of open technologies such as VRJuggler, VRPN, and OpenSG. Soon: C++ and Java distributions, eclipse

PROBOT development tools  v.1.0

Tools development for the PRO-IV 4GL. Includes tools for automation of database conversion, PRO-IV development, version control (forthcoming), and documentation (forthcoming).

TMS320C6x development tools  v.0.1.0

The goal of the c6x-tools project is to provide an Open Sourcedevelopment environment for users of the TI TMS320C6x DSP family. This includes (but is not limited to) the following commonly-used devices: 'C6211, 'C6711, 'C6201 and

World in Conflict: Development-Tools  v.0.6

These are different tools for World in Conflict: The World in Conflict Custom-Viewer is a tool that assists you in creating mods for the real-time-strategy-game World in Conflict. It is a customizable game-overlay to add your own python-methods to an

Cradle - Java development tools bundle  v.1.0

All in one bundle of tools building J2EE applications. Starting from build systems (ant,maven) up to J2EE web container (tomcat), lightweight EJB container (OpenEJB), full J2EE application server (glassfish) and database server (derby).

Maximo development tools  v.0.1

Tools and libraries for IBM Tivoli Maximo customization developers. The main artifact is an Apache Maven plug-in that generating Maximo custom classes for MBOs, FLDs, Beans, Crontasks, etc.

Web Development Tools for Eclipse  v.1.0

A collaborative effort to merge some of the separate projects that develop Eclipse plugins related to web development into one bigger project.

Casio fx-9860G development tools  v.1.0

Utilities that enable software development for the Casio fx-9860G calculator.

XML Code Development Tools  v.1.0

Development utility programs that generate XML as object format, convert object files to XML, convert XML format to object file format. Other possible utilities later as resources permit. Maybe a linker. Object and executable format to be determined.

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